Cannot control Web_View content size (zoom)

Hi, I am trying to plot an html table using webview but the table is tiny and I can’t make it larger except by manually making it big on the screen.
The code that produces the table is as below:

And the screen looks like:

In the above test the Web_Viewer’s zoom percentage is = 400% but the result is the same if I enter 100%

Also the width is Fill Parent (the web viewer is inside a VerticalArrangement1 that is also Fill Parent)

Thanks in advance

Have you checked that you have the zoom enabled in the webviewer properties?

See that the desktop mode is not activated

Hi, thanks for the clue but yes, see below:

This App was imported from Appybyilder and there is was working OK.
In Kodular, after some adjusts, it is working as well except for this Webviewer.


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have you tried adding width 100% in html?

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I had this in my app as well.

I used

style=‘font-size: 22px;’

in the < td> tags.

I’m with @ImranTariq try:
<table width="100%">


Good catch.

OP, note that my app had tables in it and it looked bad if it was set to the entire width of the screen.

Try 100%, but also try 90% or 95% for a comparison.


You will have to use media queries in css for different screen sizes thats work on all devices

I am trying to add html code but can’t

Thank you all for the help.
Decreased “zoom percent” back to 100%
Added (style=‘font-size: 35px;’) to all TD and TH table cells
Added table width=“90%”

Zoom Percent functionality needs some attention.

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If you will be using your app on multiple devices:
I wouldn’t use px in font-size. The font size will vary greatly on different device screens.