Cannot copy screen

i am trying to copy one of my screen in my app but cannot do soo…
i have searched the forum too but non o the idea is working what to do?

So what have you done? Did you try export .ais to computer?

no its not working. while importing it imports random screen not the required one.

If you save .ais file in your computer and then click on import screen the in will ask you to choose file, there you can select the required screen file and it will import that screen

i have exported the screen named physics while exporting it saves file named name_physics.ais but while importing the screen named signup gets

Try to do in incognito mode, or by clearing cache

it not working.
someone please copy my screen named physics and named it as environment.
here is aia file kompass_II.aia (716.7 KB)

kompass_II.aia (728.1 KB)

i have copied screen and rename it to environment

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