Cannot Copy Styled Texts

My problem is that I am not able to copy a styled text. Like I made an app which style a text entered by the user but besides that I want a feature to be able to copy that text and share in platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. But it doesn’t seem to work. It just copies the plain text.
I’ve uses custom font method to style the text as per users need.
Any suggestion or help will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance…

Welcome to Community @nityavedanta3
please do little search on community…
I guess there is already many koded apps that doing what you are trying to do
You could get help from there
Thank You

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Thanks mate !
I would be much helpful if you kindly link me to such apps or discussion.
I am new so I am having trouble finding one such discussion or koded app…

WhatsApp, Facebook and other all platforms using different text formats. You need to re-format every copied text.

Also I think you can do that with replacing bold text with * (star) character, italic text with _ etc.

Well @yusufcihan that I can do but I want my app to be able to style any text into custom fonts…but I am not able to achieve that …