Cannot find the component runtime error

When I test moving from a screen to another one, everything works as I expected except that I receive this runtime error message “Cannot find the component: Text_Box1” although the app works properly and it does its job correctly. I don’t have any problems rather than this annoying runtime error message. I noticed that at the beginning of the blocks in this screen, I use (if then) block to test the value of this component “Text_Box1” so I moved it down. After that the new error is “Cannot find the component: Switch1” where I am testing the value of this “Switch1” at the beginning after moving down “Text_Box1” testing block. So I thought this error appears because the app loading wasn’t completed then it works correctly. After that, I made a delay before executing the blocks using clock component but in vain. the problem has not been solved till now. May anyone help me to solve this problem? Thanks in advance

post your block image

Did you use copy paste the block?

Download the project as aia file.

Delete the existing project from the creator page

Upload this aia girl and try once again…

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