Cannot get color from Canvas by pixels

I am using Canvas to darken a color. The canvas changes it’s color. But, I cannot get the color from the canvas using GetPixelColor or by GetBackgroundPixelColor methods.

As you can see, The color of the canvas only changes. The color of the Arrangement doesn’t seem to be changed.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong or if you have any idea to get a darker/lighter version of a color.
Any help would be appreciated.

Try with a full colour (no alpha) you should see it work. Putting a very light gray with alpha on top of a grey arrangement will be difficult to see.

Using a full color would be no use for the thing that I am trying. I specified To make colors darker or lighter. The problem is, the mixed color is only showing in the canvas. But, when getting the pixel color, It only gets the Gray Shade. Is this is bug or a limitation in the Canvas.

You are setting the background Colour of the arrangement, therefore replacing whatever was there before. There is no overlay. But I see your issue, the canvas appears to be only picking either the foreground colour or the background colour. You could try placing your vertical arrangement inside another vertical arrangement, with the outer one using the background colour of the canvas?

Yeah, the canvas is only picking the top color (overlay). I cannot understand what you’re telling above. Any blocks/components would be better.

you need to change the width not the pixels

What do you mean? I didn’t mention about width here.

but i mentioned

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After some research, I made an extension to do this simple work.



Fraction is lightness or darkness level.

Extension : com.jaxparrow.colortools.aix (5.2 KB)

I found a snippet on Stack overflow and made it in Kodular. It seemed to work great.But, I cannot find a snippet to lighten the color. So, I used another way of doing that with Color class.

Post Link - Stackoverflow

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