Cannot handle uri

I encountered a problem a long time ago, it is very important for me to download a file from one site, which creates a link in the form of a data application as an octet-stream and then just uses Base64 to encode the data and put it into a file.

I need to download it, I have used both regular WebViewer and CustomWebViewer, they have the same error as in the header.

Is there an extension to handle such a massive Label? Or an extension that takes an exception (like the except method) that when it gets an error it downloads the file adding the text of the .objection extension to it

Please help me…


It is quite clear that you don’t get download link from the event.
So, you will have to parse base 64 data and create a file with that.

I thought about it, but the problem is that even working with this dataset is very difficult, none of it wants to process stably.

Is there a definite way to process this information?