Cannot launch my app

Hello, um, well, I cannot launch the app that I has been modified recently. I tried to export it as a apk file and install it on my phone&pad. It can be installed successfully, but when launching it, the screen displays “Unforunately, (app name) has stopped.” Well I thought it was something with this particular app. BUT when I tried to open another project that I haven’t opened for a long time and, not changing anything, directly export this app and install it, the SAME thing happened again! It’s so weird! So what is the problem? Is anybody avaliable to help me?
(P.S.Not all of my apps have this problem; thus, I can launch the app’s other screens through other ways, but I can’t launch screen1, but no errors occured when I launch screen1 through the companion app, so I think it’s some sort of problem related to app packaging)

Welcome to community. Please read Avoid Crashes of the Application for some of the components or use to identify what causes the crash

I’m sure I’m not leaving any of the fields mention in this discuss. Plus, every screen except screen1 runs normally when I open them using other methods. For this reason, I have deleted all of the blocks and components of the screen1 and readded just three things: a label, a timer and a tinydb(the namespace is NOT empty). But it STILL wouldn’t launch thorough the desktop. Actually, it started to crash when I put a splash screen picture into the app, and it crashed! AND from THEN on, I CAN NOT start the app through the desktop!

Did you use logcat ?

If you checked and you can not find a solution you could always post your aia here so someone can check it

Yes, and I couldn’t understand that thing! So here’s the aia file:
Encrypted_Notebook.aia (75.8 KB)

In Screen1 fill about Screen Title, compile apk and it will work

Actually, I’ve check that as well, but I guess I’ve forgot to check this screen’s. Anyways, thank you very much!

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Does it work now ? If problem solved mark solution :white_check_mark: in order to help other members in community

Yes sure! By the way, can developers set an error for not filling up this box?

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