Cannot play music in background

Hello everyone …need a little help
I’m creating a music player app --music stops when pressed home button any quick fixed ?? How can i make my app to run even in background?


As I know this website (as others based on MIT) doesn’t support background.
I’ve once made a torch app that worked in background only until it was in the recent apps…
I think that for now there won’t be any app that will work in background.

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But, In kodular. Exoplayer can play music in background too. That means until you kill the app.


Try working with arrangements instead of screens.

What do you mean? Can a elaborate a bit please

Instead of implementing the player in Screen2, you can do everything just in Screen1. For example, you can use the View Pager Component and use Vertical Arrangements as screens (First tab “Home” and second tab "Player’). This way you can set the Play Only In Foreground option off and the player will continue playing in background.

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@techopera99, test this AIA file as an example.

MusicPlayerScreens.aia (2,7,KB)


Does anybody know which version of ExoPlayer (2.x.x) is currently being used by Kodular?

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