Cannot put set text block to an if block

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I have an text block in desinger screen and i want to put the textblock text to an if block because i want to change the text if the language is english to english and to german if the language is german. but the block want not merge with the if block as i told
if the language is set to german. in english there is no problem

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Android version

please change language to english --> print screen blocks
Would be easier for non-german native speakers to understand what’s going on:)

i cannot put the choose language label text block to the if component. the blocks wont glue together. This is is only if i change the operating system/builder to german as you can see in the image.

got it now.
checked, when english lang is set in makeroid GUI (default) - all works.
when german set - blocks don’t glue.

one more thing: in the current project, if you switch default gui language back to english, it still won’t work.
only creating new project helps.

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This is i clearly a bug, @Kodular pls look into this.


Try moving the parent block and then trying to join the blocks.