Cannot upload mp3. file

I cannot upload mp3. file. I tried to upload on both the component section(player) and assets section. It didn’t work.

I can upload it, but it stucks in the middle.

Please help. Thank you.

Then it probably is to big. How big is it?

show some screenshot if u r not give full information how we proceed on ur topic

Thank you for replying.
It’s about 5mb.

I just uploaded a mp3 that was larger then yours. Maybe you filename isn’t allowed. What does it look like? Sometimes it also may take some time to upload.

It looks like this. I waited for 10minutes.

Close the asset screen and open it again. You already have a korSong.mp3 so it is ready.

No. I don’t think that is the problem because

  1. When I preview the file, I can’t open it. The web player is grey.

  2. Exported apk’s size is same as previous one, which did not work.

  3. I can’t play it on the app. I changed the player property too.

Here’s what I am going to do.

  1. export aia
  2. upload mp3 at thunkable
  3. back to kodular

It works for me but takes a lot of time. It also takes some time to get a preview of the mp3 after it is uploaded. I guess it needs to get processed somehow. With an image of the same size you get an instant result but with an mp3 you have to be patient.