Can't build aab

Same issue

Build server is offline from long time @Diego please fix it soon

yeah. some permission are not yet working so that’s why the build system is temporary offline until further notice.

why export aab files get error

I think it’s time to learn flutter. All my apps were deleted from Google Play within 1 week.

You are spreading again misinformation
I already explained to you recently


Thanks. So, what in your opinion is the best way forward since google console doesn’t accept aab file less that API 33?

Where to see that Kodular updated to API 33 ? on publishing tab it showing API 29 max. Can anyone tell me plesae .

You should understand the difference between min sdk and target sdk

I can’t even build the .aab bundle after like 30 tries.

They are not taking this seriously anymore time to move on I’m done.

I understand Taifun . Thanks. Can you tell me if there anything we have to cange in my app ? like asking for any permission ? or it will be auto generate ? This will help me update my app . Thanks in advance

I can’t export the apk too…
Error message:
The build server is currently busy. Please try again in a few minutes.
If it starts building, it usually stucks at 40%.
if it generates the apk after 200 tries, the link has expired.
I couldn’t download my apk for 4 days

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And you are wondering, why the buildserver is overwhelmed… if everyone attacks the buildserver as you are doing it I’m not surprised that noone is able to build…



I think, according to my 3 year development experience, the servers of Kodular are overloaded. The burden on build system is much high than that of Server’s capacity. Hope it’ll be done soon and we’ll have agreat experience again.
And another thing, As playstore needs SDK 33, you all guys can use manual ways to convert into SDK 33 as I’m doing.
For more information, Please contact me through email: removed by mod, use PM

I have been trying to extract the AAB for 4 days now and it has not been extracted. I ask for help or an explanation of what is happening. Please let me know the day the problem is resolved. Does this happen to me or to everyone?

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No need to do this anymore… Kodular already targets SDK33… They only forgot to add some behavioral changes…


when export aab file loading too much time and in the end build failed!

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Same for me too. APK build works fine but AAB always fails.


Same here! How can I fix it?