Cant compile the app

(Markus Vinsa) #1

Describe your issue

The compiler cant compile the app it stops at this line

_______Invoking ApkBuilder Failed to add /tmp/1543858128573_0.4421382954497808-0/youngandroidproject/…/build/tmp/classes2.dex
YAIL compiler - ApkBuilder failed.
A dialog then shows up saying there is nothing wrong with the app but the program is failing

(Pavitra Golchha) #2

That’s unfortunate. Give it another try.

(Markus Vinsa) #3

Same result today

(Pavitra Golchha) #4

@Kodular Can anyone test his project? I don’t have time today

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #5

Can you send me your AIA so I can take a look to it?