Can't create handler inside thread that has not called Looper.prepare()

I find bug.
When ı use blocks like this ,its not work correct.I just triggered Cloudinary Media Uploaded block and this bug appear

bug1 bug%202

i think you calling 2 Dialog at the same time,

Can you remove call BUG_HUNTER from under the when Cloudinary1.Media Uploaded block as @aziz_s said.

I know removing it.I do this operation for find this error.I use progress bar when ı start operation.When operation on upload to cloudinary step,I need call other procedure.And this procedure have other progress dialog for giving information about operation…

I got problem when doing my operation these block only for test bug.Its just report.I hope other dev find this bug when searching on the web

Ok but you dont have to display 2 dialogs at once what’s the point?

I don’t display 2 dialog. 2.block update first dialog. It’s not create another

I use it for giving information to user about the processs

Oh I know that