Can't create handler inside thread Thread[OkHttp,5,main] that has not called Looper.prepare()

Describe your issue

Now I working on APP that use chat got based using rapid API
If I try to chat in my app it will return to this error:

When This Error happened my app forced stoped

Steps to reproduce the issue

If I chat through my app it will return an error.
Sometimes it will trigger this error when I send first message.
But it also can trigger this error after I send 2-4 message

Expected Behaviour

It should not display error when I send many message as I want.

Actual Behaviour

My app will return an error when I send message, sometimes it will happened immediately after I send first message. But sometimes it will not trigger error until I send 2-4 message.

Show your Blocks

Android version

Android 14

Really sorry for bad grammar, English is my second language

Please provide a link to the RapidApi extension you are using

Thank For Reply, i use this Chat GTP Free API Documentation (airaudoeduardo) | RapidAPI

I’ll not recommend using this “FREE” chat gpt api since the original api costs money and we have no idea of how they’re providing it free. It probably won’t be stable or long last.