Can't delete extension from my app permanently

i am deleted a extension , but not deleted yet from my app ,

when i am delete this extension , then temporary show it is deleted ,
but this extension not deleted permanently,

any body suggest me
how to delete it permanently.


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1st make sure that you have not written any blocks using the extension that you want to remove. Now follow these steps,

  • Download the aia file into your PC/Laptop
  • Open the aia file with the help of WinRAR [ you can get this from web ]
  • Now open Yourapps.aia\assets\external_comps here you’ll see the list of extensions that you have imported in your aia.
  • Simpley click on the extension file and press Delete button to remove the extension from your aia file.

When you are done re-upload the AIA file to your dashboard. Hope this helps you out.


bro your tips already aplayed , the extension not seen in winrar,

when reupload the aia then the extension show, but not show in win rar

Can you post your aia or send it via pm?


Where do i post

Post here in this topic or send via pm.

sir i can’t share aia publicly,
i can share privately

That’s what i asked. Send a pm.

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what is pm

PM is private message.


Click here and click op show more. There you can make messages like with email.

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ok thanks sir

Send you your aia back.

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Hi @bangladesh_firoz
The method suggested by @help_cttricks is correct and should work for you.
But in case it does not work you can use 7-Zip and continue same process.

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