Can't eksport my project

Please give me solution for my project. Cant compile but i dont know why. Need helps

Post your error log.

May be no one can help you…


Try to reduce your file size… BTW, Why did your app size too bigger? and even nobody will try to download it without knowing content of your app…

Upload your app in this iste and screen shot the app summary. may be we could help…

Heheh… Maybe because always anyvideo at the screen.

Thats my log project

Please post a screenshot of the log here.

Your aia file is to big

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Yes. I was try to fix it n done. My aia,but now when i ekport that, any notice eror 701 unable to play video. What must i do ? I didnt use drive,video just from asset
DenahLokasiEdit.aia (9.3 MB)