Can't Export My App While Using GridCardView Extension

Hi Koders,

I m using GridCardView Extension in my project and Was Unable to Export The Apk Due to an Unknown Error. But I found that emoving the GridCardView Extension Exports the apk Successfully.

Can I Get Help to solve this out by anyone of your or by @Kus_Zab. I had previously also used his Extension in my projects but all time it was fine.


send that error screenshot

It’s error in compiling Class3.dex By Which the error is not specified.

Small correction

Is it the extension by Andres or Kus?

Do you have any of their other 4extensions installed at the same time?

If you want to send me the AIA I can try some decompiling and looking at it.

Yep! I m using Swipe Cardview Extension also in my project