Cant fetch json data

Please check is there any problem in the blocks. I am not getting result.

its Json data is:

“api”: {
“results”: 380,
“fixtures”: [
“fixture_id”: 65,
“league_id”: 2,
“league”: {
“name”: “Premier League”,
“country”: “England”,
“logo”: “”,
“flag”: “
“event_date”: “2018-08-10T19:00:00+00:00”,
“event_timestamp”: 1533927600,
“firstHalfStart”: 1533927600,
“secondHalfStart”: 1533931200,
“round”: “Regular Season - 1”,
“status”: “Match Finished”,
“statusShort”: “FT”,
“elapsed”: 90,
“venue”: “Old Trafford (Manchester)”,
“referee”: null,
“homeTeam”: {
“team_id”: 33,
“team_name”: “Manchester United”,
“logo”: “
“awayTeam”: {
“team_id”: 46,
“team_name”: “Leicester”,
“logo”: “
“goalsHomeTeam”: 2,
“goalsAwayTeam”: 1,
“score”: {
“halftime”: “1-0”,
“fulltime”: “2-1”,
“extratime”: null,
“penalty”: null

You can use look up pairs blocks for easy results. Its doesn’t need json tools. You can use web component’s json decode blocks

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ok. i will try.

It will help you.

This didnt work.

heres the apk
live.apk (5.2 MB)

Put the response content in a label to see if you receive the data (because the problem may be the url and the request headers that are wrong).

What api are you using?

I don’t know what does Web1 decode work, but as I remember, for JSON, use dictionary get value from key , instead of look for pairs in lists

I am using Rapidapi

What it does is convert the response content into a list

But it’s true that now with the dictionaries it’s easier. Using something like this:


But it always depends on how the Json you get is organized.

For example, if you have this Json:

You can see that the data is within “articles”. So first you have to get the data inside “articles”.

And then you get the tag data you need, like “title”.


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I am not getting any response. :pensive:

How should i use this link to fetch data using current date.

So the problem is not getting the data from a json, it is getting the json.
Check the keys and request headers.

I don’t have access to the api (they ask for a credit card to test it) so I guess you could try something like this:

But you should read the documentation they offer. I am reading what they say and based on that I am telling you what you could do.

So you should read the documentation of the Api

It says this, after tryiing your blocks…

Most probably you set label.Background Color to get response content instead of set Label.Text


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Ooh Sorry, I fixed it and got the responce.

The mark appropriate post as solution.

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Can anyone guide me that how to get data from inner array of an array like the above json with dictionary. I want to make list of league with name, country and flag.
Thanks in advance.

Have you tried this?

getting trouble in getting value from array in other array.

What is global response in it.