Can't get TaifunPdf extension to work

Hi everyone, I need to open a pdf file and view it for the full size of the page. The pdf file must be taken from the resources (assets). I purchased the taifun extension but can’t get it to work. Can someone help me? Do I need a web viewer? what blocks should i use?

What about trying the example project to find out how to use the extension?


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The extension project does not work. Returns “PDF file does not exist” for any selection

Please build the project to find out, that it is working…

to open a file from the assets using the Kodular companion app unfortunately does not work like I prepared the example… this is because our friends at Kodular had the great idea to use the folder /Makeroid rather than /AppInventor to store the assets for the companion app…

For the companion app you can use an if-then-else block to access a file in the assets as shown in the CopyAsync method of the following example by @bodymindpower


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I compiled the project as you indicated but I still have the same problem. Pdf file does not exist.

are you talking about your project or the example project?
Did you built the example project as it is? Did you get it working?

Or are you using an Android 5 device for your tests?
If yes see chapter “Known Issues” here App Inventor Extensions: Pdf | Pura Vida Apps

fIrst get the example project running, then let’s take a look at your own project…

I compiled the sample project without changing it. Use android 8.0

did you click the button “Pick a pdf file from the assets”?
do you get a permission denied error?

as you probably might know, it would help a lot to describe your issue as exactly as possible, so I can better understand, what’s going on… thank you…