Can't get the dynamic radio button to be unchecked when one radio button is checked!

Hi all,
I am a newbie on Kodular. I am trying to make a test Quiz with the use of DynamicComponent to generate Questions with Radio buttons. The creation of dynamic buttons was fine but I could not set other radio buttons in a question to uncheck when one button is checked.
Please help me with thanks!
Finally, I found the problem was: When setting property of a button to unchecked the Event Any_Radio_Button_changed was fired and make thing go wrong. I fixed with using a global variable to skip the event and it worked for now! See my edited Aia.
Another question is: why the refreshing of the unchecking event was so slow on my screen (Kodular Companion)? I can really see the unchecking moving from one to the other radio button!

DynamicQiz_edited.aia (39.3 KB)

DynamicQiz.aia (39.0 KB)

that is normal… No issue…

Another way of approach, almost similar one of what you have tried…

DynamicQiz_edited1.aia (44.3 KB)

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