Cant Insert data in MYSQL even the img Uploaded

Hello there, i getting this error and trying to solve with myself about 5hrs and still cant get what i want.

i want to upload an image to my server (000webhost) and inserting the data image to database.
i have checking all my php and blocks, and i think there is no error, but the data not inserted into mysql

this is my upload php, my koneksi.php is work because i test with login

this is my uploaded img

and this is my blocks

hope someone can help me for this one, thank you

Edited Note : I test on local server using XAMPP, and all is working fine

how did you define the table foto?
which result will be returned in the Web.GotText event?


Is your destination folder and upload.php folder, allowed to read, write?
Check permissions.

table name foto
id as primary with AI
imageNew as text

im not putting the web.gottext event, should i try putting it with label as image path?

yes ofc, if no why my images uploaded to my server, the problem on my mysql database

I’m sorry, I don’t think I understand. Can you or can’t you upload your image to the host?
Do you know the difference between uploading a file and inserting it into the database?

So you already know that the problem is in Mysql? So it must be a Mysql bug, right? I think there is a support on the Mysql website that addresses these bugs. :thumbsup:

i can upload my image to the host, i have add the screenshot above.
yes, because in my local with same code same database its working, but on online server its not work.
thats why need help someone check my code maybe? or something else

yes please
else how do you want to find out in the app, if there was any error?

What is this variable:


$koneski is not set anywhere ?

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echo var_dump($koneski);

my koneksi is fine, i and try to test using print r to debug. and echo success message
when on my local server its working good, the img uploaded with database inserted.

but when i try on 000webhost , now my database not inserted but my img uploaded
the debug upload prosess

thanks, i can resolve it because the ticks inside insert
my original insert query like this step1:
mysqli_query($koneksi,“insert into foto Values(’’,’$imgName’)”;
this the first i get error when on hosting
i change to step2
mysqli_query($koneksi,“insert into foto (‘imgName’)Values(’$imgName’)”;
this the second i get error, because diff php version syntax
i change to step3
mysqli_query($koneksi,“insert into foto (imgName )Values(’$imgName’)”;
the best, uploaded img on host folder, and inserted data on table ’ -> `

FIXED because the ticks

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