Can't load banner ad

Hello everyone! I’ve recently added a banner ad to my app but it doesn’t load. There is no error message.
Everytime I try to load the app the snackbar show this message : “Hello world! Snackbar example text”.

My app is approved by Kodular and my Google Ad Manager account is created :

Can you help me?

Can you show us how you’re loading the banners please?
Also, is your app on Google Play?

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My app is on Google Play Store but not the version with ads (because I want to adjust ads placement)

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Is this the right way to set optimized ecpm blocks??

How do you show your ad? Please show all your relevant blocks at once instead of us having to waste time asking for them piece by piece.

I only use these 2 blocks to show my ad

I read a topic and they said it was the right way

Yes banner ad only need load banner blocks blocks are fine i think

His blocks are fine​:+1: No problum in blocks

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Do you have the banner visible set to true?

Capture d’écran 2022-07-22 à 17.27.28

Visible block is necessary??

If you have set it to false then you won’t see anything.

Do you publish your app in playstore?

Your block placement looks right.

Is this text that you’ve set yourself? Can you please show which block shows this message?

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No I think there is an error but the error doesn’t have a name.
This message shows when I load the ad :

In designer you set ecpm 4 but in blocks you set optimized is that a problum @Vishwas?

When I set the eCPM floor to Optimized from the Designer it shows this error message :

You have to set designer and in blocks
That time also you face this error??

No when I set designer and in blocks it doesn’t show any error