Cant login in community with computer

This problem occurs when I repost by mistake, after reposting my account suspender for 2 days. Now I cant login with computer browser but I can login with mobile browser with same account.

I guess since you tried to evade your suspension by making another account your ip adress was blocked from entering the community.


Yes I try. But seriously I didn’t know it will happen. How can I fix that issue

Not sure how you can fix it, but for anyone else thinking of doing something similar, please don’t.

  1. Follow the rules of the community.
  2. If you get suspended don’t try to cheat the system by creating another account.

looks like they want to teach you a lesson :slight_smile:

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Yes… I am first time in kodular. Literally I dont know it will happen. When my 1st id did not login. I made the second one​:joy:, because I recently posted an issue​:rofl:… I cant imagine that the kodular will block my id

Iv done that too… as have many others.

Who would willfully sabtarge their development platform

but there does seem to be only one common denominator and he is spread across ALL the development platforms so there is no avoiding it.

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Did u find any solution ? How we can regain access from that device?

As Peter said… It seems you just have to sit it out. Much like being blocked on twitter (which I am), in jail on FB (which I was until I gave it up as as bad job) and now on Koduarl

you can run but you cant hide :slight_smile: