Cant open App - Says Users

hello ,

This is my App recently launched .
but i am receiving low star rating due to some error (cant open app , App crash )
Please check …is it showing error or crashing in your device ?

If users can’t open your app then fix it.

but i dont know what exactly causing problem in App
i have 5 android phones …App is working fine in my all devices
Is it working on your device ?

Yeah, it crashes with Out of Memory


thanks a lot… to find error :+1: :grin:
how can i fix it ?
what are the reasons ?

Maybe your app icon is too big.

But if you’re serious about getting help you’ll need to post blocks such as Screen1 Initialise and screenshots of your designer.

(As it’s a published app on the Play Store it’s best not to post your aia, although it’s entirely up to you.)


Check out your assets sizes… and see also if you have a looping procedure, specially when you are calling too much function during users activity maximize other function by creating procedure, or maybe check if you do screen switching correctly, you have a RAM issue, if you feel your app is so heavy, better to minimize blocks. I suggest test your app also in Firebase Test Lab, to check how it will behave in other device brands/model.

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Search the community. This has been asked before.

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thank you
you help me a lot
now trying to fix these problems

icon resolution is 512*512
and should i compress size of icon ? ( icon is 250 KB now ).

update please check it again

  • Icon size compressed
  • removed assets (that are not important )
  • blocks minimized

Except Kodular what other services are you using

Show your blocks etc.

How many red errors do you have in total?

using these services

  • hosting - Gdrive , cloudnary, Pcloud .
  • not using Firebase
  • Deephost extension - custom list view
  • Spreadsheet
  • fb ads

See here:


i am not using native ads… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

4 error
you can see those blocks in image

What happens when you fix those errors?