Cant open file with download helper extension

Hello i have an app that used to work, i changed some blocks to make it work but it does in half way…
i need to open a pdf file when it is downloaded, for this i was using customwebview and download helper extensions, but it doesn´t open the file (at least it downloads it).
the part that doesn´t work is the one that “opens the file” i put a notifier as a debug: “abriendo descarga”

the notifier shows up but… the file never gets opened.

Hope someone can help me, thanks in advice

Hi @Juan_Jose_Campis , the block doesn’t work now. It has been removed in the latest beta update.

ok, thanks, is there any way to do that?
by the moment i don´t download files anymore just start a new activity with the link of the pdf file… at least it works to open the file… later the user can choose if he/she save the file or not

Yes, as of latest version you can do it.