Can't post json data

can’t post json data anyone help me?

welcome to community, i dont know about your json or api, i will check that, mean while maybe someone else can help, just wait for that,

Thank you, I’m very happy if anyone can help.

have you read there documentations? that how can you correctly use their api? there must be a help of docs

Check password block you inserted wrong
You inserted " after semicolon
",“Password”: " this is correct

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use Do it to find out, if your JSON format is correct
also you might want to provide a link to the documentation of that API…

see tip 4 here about how to use Do it App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps

also it seems to be, you are not familiar with mutators…



thanks for the response and help, the problem is resolved.

then mark solution to close topic