Cant request for ads . cant go to account section says error (Bad Request (400)

my app need ads for requesting i cant go the the account section the error while going to the account page is( Bad Request 400) how to make request

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i had the same problem, i was able to access the last week, but now i can not anymore, can someone of kodular staff helpme please?

Try to log in in once with your mobile…
If it’s work properly then again try it with your system…

I have the same problem

Bad Request (400)

how can fix it? wen kodular staff will be fix this?

Kodular Staff is working on this issue.

same problem from 1 month… please help me…

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Pls I can´t go to my account for requesting ads and others. It show bad request. pls help and fix it .

Same Problem here too. I an´t go to my account for requesting ads. Pls help.

Now is working fine

still now its show bad request pls. help

Maybe Kodular Staff will help you. will be solve

I have same problem

Eu também estou enfrentando o mesmo problema :disappointed_relieved: