Cant save file into created folder

Hello folks.

It’s my first app in Kodular, i have searched the forums and help but can’t figure out what is wrong. Here is the deal:
first, some remarks:

  1. I dont have a SD card in my test smartphone.
  2. I’m using API for Android 8.

My app has to:
a) create a folder (if it doesnt exists already)
b) ask user to take a picture
c) write a watermark text into this picture
d) save the watermaked picture into the created folder

I had success in every step of the way (the new folder is being created in the phone’s internal storage root dir) but I cant save the watermarked image into it. I tried legacy mode, but didnt work either. One important thing: the watermarked image is being saved into the root dir with the name “NewImage.png” but I dont know if it is a temporary file used by the Kompanion.

Here are the blocks in question:


Can someone help me?

I am no using to block names in portuguese, but as I see, you are using the block evaluate but ignore result, which execute the block imgedit efeito de marca dagua but don’t do anythhing with this. I think you should use this block with the block “set image picture to”, not with evaluate but ignore result.

Hi again, thanks for your reply. I was going to make the changes you suggested, when I noticed the image component has a default save name, then it came to me: you just have to set the new name BEFORE making the changes in the image component (its kinda nonsense but it works). Its like that:

Now it works.


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