Can't save image from crop view extension

I’m using app not companion

yes exactly

Try with companion mode, if it is working mean need to change something

ok i will download firefox now

Also change the existing path URL with this one
/mnt/sdcard/ and try.

I have found the guide for you.

Suppose if the above storage path also says error refer the guide
Also external storage doesn’t work try with internal storage permission

the same blocks worked on companion :grin:

but on app don’t work :frowning:

I think now it is all about the write permission :frowning:

Try with internal storage permission

Android V6 and above facing such problems it seems

Yes write only


you mean ( android.permission. ) delete this ?

no no android.permission.WRITE_INTERNAL_STORAGE

same Result :frowning:

Oh sorry… in this block we requested external storage but storing the file in internal… but it works for my mobile (and V is less than 6) so change here.

Ask internal storage and use the same path and try in apk

has been Denied :frowning:

What i suggest for you is,
2, Add File component and just put some event empty that will help you to ask permission
3, debug every path using text or toast message to know what kind of path are you using
4, If possible try to add permission by decompiling you apk


Try this one CropImage.apk (5.3 MB)

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yes working , how please ? :frowning:

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Extension by it self doesn’t add WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to manifest, the suggestion above should solve your issue as I used the file component in the apk…


thx very much :two_hearts:

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yes it’s worked for me thx :slight_smile:

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