Can't see my projects at thus can't apply for ads

Before I created this topic, have gone through the forums for a possible solution and have applied all the possible fix have seen but still have not seen a solution. Most of the topics where closed with a solution.

Is there any reason am facing this issue? Can someone kindly help me out with a fix.

Thanks in advance.

Clear Browsing Cache and Cookies then restart the Browser and refresh the website.

Tell me is your query got solved?

I have followed this step and still doesn’t work. Used different browsers too still nothing.

Hello? Can someone please help ?

The reason for this error is due to you registering with the 3rd party plugin. If you create a new account without using the 3rd party plugins (Google, Discord ETC) your account should load up everything just fine.

This is the only solution as I happened to test it myself. Hopefully this helped.