Cant send threshold to my Arduino using Bluetooth module

I’ve built an app to monitor the temperature, humidity, and moisture levels of my plants. This app not only provides real-time data but also allows me to set threshold values for the sensors in my Arduino. When I send the current sensor data using an HC-05 Bluetooth module, I can successfully receive the data. However, there’s a peculiar issue when I try to send the threshold values to my Arduino. Despite multiple attempts, I haven’t been able to receive the threshold data. I’ve even tried using different sets of information, but the problem persists. I also experimented with apps like Tera Term and serial terminals available on the Play Store, but they didn’t yield a solution. I even developed another app for testing purposes, but the issue remains unresolved. Can anyone help me figure out what’s going wrong?
testingVersion_Screen1.ais (4.9 KB)