Can't Show Images From Internal Storage

I am making an app that contains a lot of images and I used @Taifun solution with google Drive zip file but After the unzip process is done I can not show the images it’s strange because i used this method before and it worked. can anyone test it please

I tried it in my tablet which runs android 5.0.2 and everything is working fine
but my Galaxy S7 won’t show it the phone runs android 7.0
maybe it’s just my phone but I would appreciate it if anyone could spare the time to test it.

This path works on my Samsung S8:
Try it instead of sdcard/

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Thank you, It works for me if i don’t use the file://

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So you are using /mnt/sdcard?

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but it seems to be working only on the companion after building the apk it doesn’t

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the MoveAsync method works asynchronously, as the method name is trying to tell you
i.e. you should use the Moved event and move all blocks below the MoveAsync method in there
see also the documentation App Inventor Extensions: File | Pura Vida Apps



Thank you sir. I didn’t understand it at first when I read it because I don’t speak English that well.

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