Cant Upload app to play store , its say needs to be optimized

when i try to upload my app to play store its says needs to be optimized , have code whitout use etc etc , I dont know what to remove more , all my code is on use , all my screens on show , and any extension whitout use Thank u have a good day

Why did you not search first?

I did it , i cant find info about it

If you had searched then you already know the answer…
Just ignore it

The problem its , i cant public for a internal testing, only says to get android app bundle

And I said you should just ignore the message…
Its a warning… nothing else

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Okay , Thank u , i say it becouse the button to publicate its disable xD , I will research more if its another problem whit the app , thanks your time :smiley:

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No problem.
Google shows sometimes just warnings.
All you need to do is ignore the warnings.

If the button is not enabled then you should look If wrote all needed informations into your app description play store page

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I got same problem, how you solved it?

Here is your solution

I have written Shor description, full description perfectly and also fillups others things. But rollout button unenabled.
I already published a lot of app, but never face this problem.

make sure their checked