Can't upload app to play store

I can’t upload my to play store

“Your target, API level 29, but the target should be level 30 on applications layout and performance. You can change the API level your app targets to at least level 30. More information”

Does any one have solution?

I your problem solved then please pm me I have same issues

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From 1st August, 2021 your app must be targeting Android 11 (SDK 30) in order to publish new app on google play. But Kodular is currently targeting Android 10 (SDK 29). That means, you can’t publish a new app until Kodular updates it’s SDK.

SDK will be updated soon! You’ve to wait till then.


@omar_melhim Here is how to edit Api by editing manifest edit it and upload your app

@Fhzka you can edit your Apk and the can convert it to aab

thank you, I will try it

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if you succeed then must say

Read this, before you try!

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@asimjib93 I have already given this :sweat_smile:

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And I just pointed him to that line thinking he migh have missed! :sweat_smile:

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Ok I got it @asimjib93


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