Can't upload to assets

I can’t upload some images to assets while other are being uploaded. The image I can’t upload is;

Anybody please try uploading it to your assets and tell me.

Please provide more details.
What error message you are getting?

Try renaming your images in simple format like a.jpg b.jpg

Also check your internet connection.

Here you can see error and a.png didn’t worked.

I can upload other images.

Looks like server error problem.

Wait for a while and try again :grinning:

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@The_K_Studio Why don’t you try in yours PC and reply me?

No issue here…

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@Boban I have figured it out. We cannot upload any images containing no_ads.png as its name. I don’t know whether it is bug or something else.


No issue with that.

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Me too, I can´t upload any item in Assets

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What does that mean?

And try this (if your file are > 5 MB):

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Good tips, thanks

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You are trying to tell me to put the pictures inside the aia assets file
ok i got it , thank you

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