Can't use Custom webview with camera permission

I’ve used custom webview extension to use camera permission, but it doesn’t work!


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first of all, you need to create your web viewer like this

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@The_Revenger_Studios Thank You!!!

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Welcome @Scian

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@The_Revenger_Studios Could you please help me with another…?
I can’t grant permission…
It says

I put the camera component but it doesn’t work …:frowning:

Where are you testing your app? ( on companion or on exported apk )


i think you need to export your apk then test it in your android phone

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both… (companion + apk)

then i think its not possible to grant this permission

oh… :frowning: I might have to use manifest extension…

yes exactly

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@The_Revenger_Studios Thanks!

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It is possible but only when it is required by website.
Also on some phones you need not to ask for this permission and only granting it to webview will work.

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@vknow360 Yes I used with website permission.
I used manifest extension (atomdeveloper) but it doesn’t work…:frowning:

See this thread for example:

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