Canvas background image scales down after rotating using image editor

The user picks an image from gallery and then it is set as the canvas background. But when I rotate the image using image editor and then set the rotated image as the canvas background, the canvas scales down. When I set the background image directly, there is no problem. But when I set it after rotating, it scales down, even if I rotate it back to the original orientation. I tried setting width and height of the canvas to auto, but to no avail. Is this is a bug?

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I was also trying overlaying two images using TaifunImage Extension Overlay Method. But ended up in improper superimposition. Follow this link: RE: Suggestion to Develop a Camera App with Live Annotation and Text on Camera Preview - Kodular Community

I think these are the same situations.

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i Cannot access the page

New link:

Still can’t access the page…

Accessed the page by searching on google :+1: :+1:

Use “scale picture to fit=true” property block from image component instead after set rotate image

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Then the image would get stretched… I don’t want that…