Canvas dragged sprite dragged

@Mika @Diego ey i wanna ask if you can add a variable to the when.CanvasDragged method to get a reference which sprite got dragged so i dont must use like 50 when.sprite dragged

or is there a way to make something like this more block efficent ?

Bee 2 should only move when bee 1 isnt be dragged my problem is if i dont use variable bee_touching
when i drag bee 1 over bee 2 , bee2 will also be dragged but i just wanna have 1 bee dragged at a time

i have like 20-25 bees and this would be 3 functions for every bee

Have a nice day Marggx

i have found a much nicer way by myself, just posting this if someone has the same question


this solution only takes your sprite number +2 functions instead of sprite number *3

ps. got up from bed(already sleeping) cause i got this idea :grin:


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