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I do not know if it happens to more people but the aia that I had before this update worked properly for me. In the new version on canvas the image_sprite are placed slowly, the ball does not bounce normally the image load of the sprite goes slow … and everything in the inside of the canvas does not work normally I have checked the clocks and they are correct .
Any solution?

What is Canvas JetLag?

Hi @Domi
I am assuming here that by “JetLag”, you mean the Ball and Image sprites appearing to lag.
Can you check what Interval is set for the Ball and Image sprites ?
Try lowering Interval and tell us if it is still the same.

I’ve been reviewing everything and it seems to be fine. There is no relog that controls something inside the canvas. I attached video so you can see and understand what I want to say.
if we look at the clock in the upper right corner it stops for a moment and that should not happen
He estado revisando todo y parece estar bien. No hay ningun relog que controle algo en el interior del canvas. Os adjunto video para que lo podais ver y entendais lo que quiero decir.
si observamos el reloj en la parte superior derecha se queda parado durante unos instantes y eso no deberia ocurrir

it happens to me too

The new version is slower than the old version. Optimization issues.

will it be solved in the next version of makeroid?

The problem, as per my analysis, is caused by a fundamental App Inventor feature. The developers might have a hard time working out this one. When (yes, when; not if) they succeed, Makeroid will have the fastest performing and smallest package size apps among all the App inventor distros.

so … why does it only happen in makeroid, on this version?

@Domi This version of Makeroid has waaay too many components and functions.

I understand that having many components and functions can create conflicts between them but it would be better to free some functions and make a portfolio of extensions with the functions released? Maybe Makeroid would be more fluid and each one could choose what he really needs. It is an opinion and I speak from the ignorance of the internal functions of Makeroid

The problem is that many of our components require to edit APK files, which can’t be achieved from Extensions
Files such us AndroidManifest.xml can only be edited if it’s a native component and not an Extension

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Entonces solo queda esperar que podáis solucionarlo, si es que se puede. Gracias Diego por la explicación.
Un saludo

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