Canvas scrollable. Is it possible?

I ask the community for a suggestion…
I have to draw and write inside a Canvas
This Canvas has width (100% of the device), but is very long (1400 pixels)
Is there a way to slide the Canvas vertically?
Thank you all for your attention



Thanks Peter!
I searched in the forum with the key “canvas scroll” but I found nothing.
I think I will try the first method proposed.
Good work

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Hi guys,
Carlos you’re right!
I apologise for this lack.
In fact, none of the solutions proposed fit my needs, but I believe that, at the moment, this is the best we can do.
Thanks again to Peter.

I haven’t tried this, but how about you put a canvas that is larger than the screen, inside a vertical scroll arrangement, and that inside a horizontal scroll arrangement.
You will need to create a gesture or a button to let know your canvas that your dragging is either drawing on the canvas or panning the screen.
I don’t know really if it’s possible. I’ll try and see if it works.

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I tried: The scroll works in all directions except in diagonals.
The canvas dragging is not detected because the arrangement dragging seems to be priority, then there’s no drawing.


Hi guys,
thank you very much for your rehearsals.
I abandoned the development of the old application and chose a new route for my needs.
I will also do new tests, at least to learn new techniques, also thanks to your invaluable help.
Good work to you, soon.