Capital letters at the beginning of each letter

Hello everyone, after searching the community I decided to make this topic, it’s about the problem of making capital letters at the beginning of the letter example like this (Can This Be Done?)

You could make a procedure to do this:

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i like this, thanks for helping

And onemore easy way is, just by using small extension called #String functions credit to @Pythony


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Changes the case of a string - ‘text’ according to the case given - ‘toCase’.
The valid cases are - upper case , lower case , sentence case , title case and toggle case .
If you enter a wrong case, an error will occur.

  • text = hello everybody | toCase = upper case returns HELLO EVERYBODY .
  • text = HELLO EVERYBODY | toCase = lower case returns hello everybody .
  • text = hello everybody. how are you? | toCase = sentence case returns Hello everybody. How are you? .
  • text = hello everybody | toCase = title case returns Hello Everybody .
  • text = hello everybody | toCase = toggle case returns randomly capitalized and lowered string like heLlO EveRyboDY

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