Capture Photo Data

Hi guys, I’m developing an application, but I need your help with something. I created 4 pages using the Bottom navigation tool, on one of these pages I want users to send photos. I want it to be published on the 1st page by the admin in the submitted photos, how can I do this please help.

Welcome !
Hi , it’s me Again :smiley:
What have you tried to do? It works like this:
1- we have an idea
2-we choose the platform we are going to develop
3-read and research about the platform/programming language.
4- we research about our goal.
5- we try to do
6- we test what we did
7- we try to fix the errors /bugs
8- we researched about the error /bug
9- we created a new topic


I’m afraid you’re wrong.

It actually works like this:

  1. We have a problem.
  2. We don’t bother thinking about it or searching the forum.
  3. We create a topic about our issue asking for blocks or an aia file.

It looks like most of the users really think this way :joy: