Card view background design

If anybody can just guide me how to make these card view background

What to learn to make this or any website where these backgrounds are avbl

I think its easy you just need to you logic

For Example :

Take A Cardview then on cardview place a HA and
pick out the color which have used. Then after getting color code use gradient color extension and set the background color which you have got

And so on…

Its easy just logic

You can design the background images with a software as gimp and after create a.cardview and add a image component


Thank you @Didyme_Apps
i appreciate
if you tell what exactly i have to search for tutorial in gimp for making this

what we exactly call these images

You would have to use maybe some things. But Gimp has a learning curve so easy. Another alternative is canva, It has a large number of ready-to-use examples that you can modify after.

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This canva is amazing and easy
Thanks buddy

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It is very useful to make assets for your app: button, banners, image, logo, etc.

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I am able to download certain good background images from canva on free version itself
I hope i dont need any license for using these in my apps