Card View Full guide 2k20

Hello Everyone, I’m Kumaraswamy and in this topic, we will learn about card view.


  • Card View Alignment
  • Background Color
  • Padding
  • Elevation
  • Full clickable
  • Height and width
  • Stroke
  • Making shapes using card view
  • Card view guide app

1 Card View Alignment

To set the Gravity of the card view.

Values: -

1 = Left
2 = Right
3 = Center

2 Background Color

To set the background color of card view.

3 Padding

To set the padding or space at Top, bottom, left and right.

4 Corner Radius

To adjust the curvedness of a card view.

5 Elevation

To set the strength of card view shadow.

6 Full Clickable

The elements which are inside the card are clickable, including card view.

7 Height and width

To adjust the height and width in Pixels.

To adjust the height and width in Percent.

A stroke is an outline of a card view.

To set the stroke width.

To set the stroke colour.

Making Shapes using Card View

Card View Guide App
Using this app you can learn about card view, all the demo are in the app.

Screenshots: -

Download apk: - Card_View_Guide.apk (5.0 MB)

If something is missing, pls tell me, I will add it.

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Card view button guide:


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