Card view not showing up in designer(visible: true)

As u can see, card view is not showing up even though they’re set to visible in designer:/

Is the cardview bg color to : #FFFFFF00 none

the background color its #FFFFFFFF

Try to Check & Uncheck the visible Button Or Refresh the project and open again

Just did that, i checked and unchecked the visible button, there’s a reaction but the card view still doesnt appear, for the refresh project, everyday i checked it and still no result

have you tried to export the same aia & import again then check

What happens if you change bgcolor to red for example. Do you see it ?

nope, the card view still wasnt visible and i cant interact with it except if i click the card view from components section

when i export it it works, but when at designer, the card view cannot be dragged away and interacted except if i clicked it on the components bar

Is elevation set to 0 ? If yes set it to 2 and see if it is visible

my elevation is at 6 apparently :skull:

If you wish post aia so someone can check it

HealthU (1).aia (7.7 MB)
Here’s the aia, my full project aia, if you guys kind enough maybe you guys can tell me what to enhance in my apk :slight_smile:

the problem’s at SignUp Screen

Play with width/height

alright, so the height and the width have some kind of barrier in which the card view will bugged or what?

thank you anyway!

Yes there seems to be a bug with the Card View, but only if you set any component width in percent inside the Card View, px works and hight percent, px works

Alright, Thank you for the help @Boban ! and all

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