Card view problem with component to image extension!

Dear, i use component to image extension in my app… now i face some problem… in my app when i radius corner, corner is set circle… but after i save this component… the roundness is gone…please see screenshot…

You asked this also in the AB forum. Do you use Kodular? Only ask in the forum of the builder you use.


Oh ho… i m really sorry.!
i asked this question in the main post where the publish this extension from the developer of Component to Image extension… but post was on AB forum…so i asked this on their…!
i am sorry!

but can you have any solution for this problem?
please help me…

So you are using the cardview from Kodular?

yes…use cardview from kodular.

Please, ans.

Instead of Card View, you can use the block “Round Corner” of the “Image Editor” (32.7 KB)

The value of the “round” section are the same of the “Corner Radius” on a Card View, and the effect are the same without use Card View.

You can set that block when the Image Picker is called :wink: try and say me if work

Hopefully he managed to find a solution in the 16 months since his last post in this topic.