Card view update

Hmmm… :man_shrugging:

Whatever… It is comfortable to just change the properties of the component rather than going to program it in the blocks… and it would become even worse when your screen has plenty of rounded layouts in your app.

Agree with that :point_up_2:

Disagree with that :point_down:

If you name your components clearly and good, there will not be any issues with this.

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Well… Then think of you declaring height and width of each component in your app inside blocks.

Exactly what I do :grin: :crazy_face: :nerd_face:

In my case, renaming over 50 component just takes me two minutes at most

Yeah you’re right… very good.
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Many get off topic

Why? this is related to the request for new designer options… and we tell you how we do it and why we don’t need this feutre…

I suggested It You Before.

Set content padding to 0 as well.


Yes, While Using Another Component Into it.

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I must tell you something
1- Usually half the length makes it round

But that does not work in many devices

Set its length to 120 and 50 will not work. You will need to place it 60 :unamused:

Use Percent instead of pixel for better result.

By using percent it Changes in different devices, but the pixel remains the.

I don’t know what the incomprehensible part is

I tried to make the card circular on my previous phone while it was working

But when I try it on phones like long screen phones or Samsung Note phones do not work :broken_heart:

This is not true. Check out this Stack Overflow thread:


We might need a card view extension

I expect they use slightly different techniques :sweat_smile:

We’re yet to migrate to AndroidX. The libraries we use have no implementation of individual corner radii

Do you wait for that soon ?