Cardview as Listview element

Good evening koders. I want to make pdf library app and in a screen want to get data from firebase and add these information to listview as cardviews. Each element as cardview. Or other thing what you want to call this proses. How can i do this?


If you have specified things, why don’t just use the cardviews under each other?

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For example i have over 100 pdf in firebase. And want to show their details in listview as cardview which i added topic.

Then get the values only for the pdf that you want.

you dont understand my question correct. problem is that i want show cardviews in listview. each element is cardview.

For each cardview as a list item?
The use customized listview like this (OSO browser):

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but as i mentioned in my picture i want spesific design with additional buttons.

i solved my problem with cardview extension. with that extension you can import list items as cardview. thank you for replies


Can u plz provide me that extension

Can you explain it.

Can you guys stop asking for things?


I will upload image of blocks and share extension when i take my comp. This evening


How You Do That???

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