Carousel list view without paid aix

Anyways, FYI, it doesn’t look like the type of code we use to compile here.

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What is Carousel View?

I had made it ? When :sweat_smile:

Share link where you found it :eyes:

@themaayur @Gareeb_bhai I haven’t update the main post but still you can download the latest version from here and it has a carousel option :
AIX File : com.dreamers.Pager.aix (105.8 KB)
AIA File : PagerDemo.aia (311.0 KB)

Zain im looking for endless animated carousel view

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peter ji my try help me now to make it completely

Awsome zain thanks for your awsome extension

Zain where can i found the download of picasso extension as you used on the sample aia i have Picasso by sunny but its completely different from your demo aia

You dont need picasso you can use universal image loader by devyb as well.

Can you add features like these

the main view on center and other two views on corner

How is this animation.You have to create this kind of effect

Use phase for these animation.

I used this component animation utilities.

It’s a bit complicated, of I prefer phase :slight_smile:

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Ok i try what result comes

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