Carousel list view without paid aix

need some help to make list view qnimation like this @mayur kodular contributor can help someone tag him too

Yes awesome solution but i need animation zoom in and zoom out on scrolling

use phase animation extension

Im requiring a complete guide from you on community :+1: it will be helpful to everyone kindly provide blocks.png

i can’t do it right now because the build server is offline and my compiler is having trouble … please understand

Yeah you can do at anytime provide a clear guide in community and it will be a great thing :heart:

yes … temporarily follow the guidelines such as the link above …

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to make it easier you can use this method … but this is not a corousel … just a little bit like corousel

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I’ll give you a block if the build server is online

Need free solution of this

Some code i found on stack will it work? Can anyone try this and compile?

Why not start experimenting yourself instead of asking for a complete solution. Using Kodular is a learning process not a complete solution process.


But i have no idea with this can you help?

Then you should educate yourself with the topics you got and start trying yourself. You only have a reading time of 1 hour.

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Its my another mobile and a new account i forgot my old account im a year user of kodular :sweat_smile:

Can you compile me this code on required form of containers listview - how to make a horizontal scroll animation in flutter - Stack Overflow

It seems you are only interested in other users doing things for you. Start yourself and when it doesn’t work show what you have done. We like users who try for themselves.